Elizabeth Klob

(School Program Director, Story to Stage, Aerial Open Gym)
Elizabeth has been directing, teaching and leading the UMO School since its inception in 2007. She is a long-time physical theater practitioner, and Executive Artist for the UMO Ensemble for 15 years. She is thrilled to share the skills of creating physical theater and bringing students stories to stage whether it be in the form of an “aerial poem” or a clown routine. She looks forward to the new directions that the students and school will take in the years to come.

Shawn Kellogg

(Circus Gymnastics, Partner Acrobatics, Juggling)
Shawn has been studying and performing circus arts for 8 years. He trained intensively at the San Francisco Circus Center and Ecole De Cirque de Québec. He specializes in hand balancing and ground acrobatics. He has a private structural integration practice, atlas Manual Therapy & Movement, where he works with teens and adults to better thier posture and physical connection. He also works as a coach at the Seattle School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts. Other than circus, some movement disciplines Shawn has studied include capoeira, yoga, martial arts and parkour.

Mercedes (Sadie) LeDonna

(Aerial, Strength and Mobility, Partner Acrobatics)
Sadie has been dancing and practicing movement arts from an early age. Over the last 8 years, she has studied aerial, dance, clowning and other disciplines at The New England Center For Circus Arts, The San Francisco Circus Center, SANCA, Versatile Arts, and Ecole De Cirque De Quebec. Currently, she teaches aerial and other movement art disciplines at UMO School Of Physical Arts and SANCA. She is excited to continue learning and to share her knowledge about movement!

Abraham (Abe) McBride

I have been practicing Parkour since 2010 and received a Parkour coach certification with Parkour Visions. Practicing Parkour, I have become stronger, more agile, more confident, and been able to do amazing superhero feats. I believe students learn best while having fun. I teach the art of overcoming obstacles, challenges and fear while instilling a practice of safety. I also try and incorporate creativity, movement exploration and play into all my classes.

Brittney Werner

(Creative Movers & Aerial Tumblers)
These early learning classes are meant to get young movers excited about our world at UMO. We’ve created a space for the young artists to develop their own style with a foundation in safety, strength and skills. I am so excited to be a part of this team and to have the opportunity to guide the youngest UMO students at the beginning of their journey into the world of physical arts!

Josie Slade

(Intro To Aerial)
Josie is a long-time student, now alumni, of UMO School. She's performed creative acts in many student showcases and other events for UMO ensemble. She loves choreographing new pieces and teaching what she's learned to others. This is her second session teaching at UMO and she's excited to play and grow this year!

Sarah Smith

(Admin, Intro To Aerial, Substitute Teacher)
Sarah has been pursuing aerial arts for many years now with UMO School. She is now an alumni and is generously spending time between college classes at UMO helping teach classes and manage the school. She loves the dynamic nature of aerial rope and hopes to inspire others to try out this extremely physical dicipline.

Solrun Heuschert

(Aerial, and Aerial Open Gym)
Solrun has been an aerial student at the UMO school for 9 years. In the recent years she has taken on roles as teacher’s assistant, teacher, and admin assistant. She loves getting to know new students every session and watching them grow. As well as teaching, training and performing aerial, Solrun enjoys spending time with her horses, traveling, and supporting families as a birth doula. She’s excited to fly through another session with the school!

Kathy Zbryk

A long time dancer and mover, Kathy discovered aerial through Esther Edelman's classes at Open Space. After a few years of learning, she started teaching for UMO School. Kathy is loved by all her students and has a way of making everyone feel welcome and safe in her classes. Her goals for teaching are to create a safe environment, teach good body mechanics and to give each student the attention they need to thrive.

Alex Tokar

Alex has practiced Aikido for over 15 years and continues to train twice a week with Seattle Kokikai Aikido where he received his black belt. Aikido is a martial art that encourages us to remain calm and maintain our integrity in the face of conflict and adversity. In our classes, we'll explore efficient, powerful movement, staying grounded and centered, speaking up for ourselves, and having fun!