To serve our mission, UMO School offers a variety of physical arts including Aerial, Circus Gymnastics, Parkour, Aikido, Dance and Theatre.

The following is an overview of our program and the progressions within each focus.

Aerial Arts

Creative Movers
Ages 3-5

Aerial training begins with Creative Movers (ages 3-5) where young students learn to play and cooperate and how to focus their bodies in motion. With jungle stretches, balancing exercises, imaginative, skill building play, we will foster self-expression through movement. This class runs for 45 min. to accommodate young attention spans.

Aerial Open Gym
By Instructor Permission

This is for the advanced students to train and create on their own. To Progress to a higher level in any aerial class, students must show focus and a lack of distraction and distracting behavior. They should also demonstrate a very good ability to distinguish a dangerous situation and remove themselves safely from it. They should have strong verbal skills and be able to communicate clearly with the teacher if something is unclear, or unsettling for them. On top of this more mental skill set, students should show signs of increased body awareness, strength and active flexibility as well as a willingness to try skills which may be difficult without too much stress or complaint while following verbal cues from the teacher with control. In addition, at each level, students will have a set of skills that need to be completed before progressing to the next level.

Young Aerial Tumblers
Ages 5-7

In Young Aerial Tumblers, we’ll work mostly towards gaining the body awareness, focus and behavior required to move on to a higher level tumbling or aerial class. We will also work on strengthening basic shapes like hollow body, and plank, and developing some active flexibility. Each week we will start the class off with a warm up, then work on tumbling basics on the mat (straight, tuck, pike, and straddle jumps, forward and backward rolls, kick ups, and cartwheels). We’ll finish the class with work on the aerial sling, and then condition and cool down.

Aerial 3
By Instructor Permission

Aerial 3 is the ongoing training session that is offered to students who have mastered basic aerial skills and are ready to study with a serious commitment. Students are encouraged to work and master at least one apparatus, build a routine(s) around a theme. Creativity is key at this level; to this end, Dance, Strength Training, Open Gym, Acro and Performance Skills Class are all recommended additions to a students schedule at this level. 3-4 days a week are recommended for serious aerial students. Aerial students at this level are also encouraged to mentor younger students by assisting Intro classes.

Intro to Aerial
Beginners 8+

We will learn some fun basics on aerial sling and tissue as well as gaining the strength, active flexibility and mental focus required to move on to aerial 1. Students will work on conditioning their bodies specifically for aerial through learning body shapes like plank, hollow body, tuck, pike and straddle, as well as how to safely hang and invert. We will learn the basic aerial silks climb, and foot-lock and practice fun skills on sling and tissue.

Aerial 1 & 2
Ages 9+ & 10+

We will build on the skills from Intro to Aerial. Students will continue to work on Strength and flexibility. The warm up routine becomes more challenging, more abdominal and upper body strength and endurance exercises. There is more focus on control and technique, no longer just moving thru the skills but doing them with form and grace. (Pointed toes, straight legs, extended lines) Students are introduced to different apparatus; trapeze, rope and hoop. By the end of at least 2 series of sessions in Aerial 1 or 2, students learn endurance by building a series of moves together in a routine. 2 classes per week are recommended as well as Strength Training or Modern Dance for advancement.

Circus Gymnastics From Tumbling To Advanced Handstands

Creative Movers
Ages 3-5

Circus Gymnastics begins with Creative Movers (ages 3-5) where young students learn to play and cooperate and how to focus their bodies in motion. With jungle stretches, balancing exercises, imaginative, skill building play, we will foster self-expression through movement. This Class runs for 45 min. to accommodate young attention spans.

Circus Gym 3
Ages 13+

This extension of the Circus gymnastics programming includes handstands, flips and a progression and perfecting of the skills in Circus Gym 2. The sky is the limit with this group. The instructor will take them into professional level skill tricks, based on their personal ability.

Circus Gymnastics 1
Ages 6-9

We will work on the foundations of handstand and tumbling, while engaging in a fun playful environment. Every class will include strengthening basic shapes like hollow body and plank and working on fundamental skills such as cartwheels, handstands, and forward and backward rolls.

Circus Gymnastics 2
Ages 9-12

We will work on the foundations of handstand and tumbling. Every class will include strengthening basic shapes like hollow body and plank, developing active flexibility and perfecting fundamental skills such as cartwheels, handstands. Throughout the session we will work on more advanced skills such as round-offs, dive rolls and front handsprings.


Parkour is the art of navigating the space between the sky and the ground with grace. Through practicing Parkour students become stronger, more agile, more confident, and able to do amazing superhero feats. We believe Parkour has something to offer everyone. We believe students learn best while having fun.  Parkour teaches the art of overcoming obstacles, challenges and fear while instilling a practice of safety. We also incorporate creativity, movement, exploration and play into all of the parkour classes. All the classes teach movement elements along with psychological skills.

Parkour Games
Ages 6-8

Students learn the basics of parkour through obstacle courses; skill tracks that include balance and free running while doing it in the context of games.

Parkour Basics 1 & 2
Ages 9-10 & 11-12

Students learn physical skills as in balance, vaulting, jumping, landing, running, climbing, rolling and some inversions. Students learn mental skills like focus, control, working with fear, path finding, vision and fun.

Parkour Advanced
Ages 13+

Students continue to advance in the course difficulty by introducing flips and more advanced physical conditioning to achieve more challenging tricks. Students are also encouraged to mentor younger students at this level.


...And More!

These encompass student initiated physical learning pursuits; that don’t necessarily fit into specific categories, but serve the students in unique ways and in some cases, support other areas of training.

Tots and Friends

We open class with a song, then children, assisted by a parent or guardian, follow along as we play through age-appropriate movements and teacher assisted aerial time. Class closes with a song. A great time for family connection, healthy movement and learning! 

Air Track

Learn to tumble and flip through the air on the AirTrack! In this high energy class, we will cover the fundamental techniques to jump high off the ground. We will safely build aerial awareness while having fun bouncing around. Bring loose clothing and lots of energy!

Aikido All Ages

Aikido is a martial art that encourages us to remain calm and maintain our integrity in the face of conflict and adversity. In our classes, we’ll explore efficient, powerful movement, staying grounded and centered, speaking up for ourselves, and having fun! Students and families are encouraged to take this class together.

Partner Acrobatics Ages 10+

Learn how to safely stack people on people, share weight, and gain body awareness through fun play with others! This class will begin with a brief warm-up, then we’ll dive right into working in pairs or groups to create shapes and hold each other up. Everybody welcome, everyone can try basing and flying or choose the role they prefer. Families encouraged to come together! 

Strength & Mobility All Ages

This class focuses on flexibility and strength training needed for aerial, gymnastics, parkour or just about any physical life pursuit, taught in a fun and engaging atmosphere.


Now’s your chance to throw yourself (Ha!) into this circus classic. Learn how to manipulate objects like balls, clubs and rings with ease! This class is aimed at total beginners to seasoned jugglers. Start with one ball and progress to passing clubs like a pro. All ages, all abilities, everyone welcome. Families encouraged to take this class together.