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photos by Michelle Bates

Created by UMO Ensemble in the style of ‘Buffoon Theatre,’ El Dorado’s grotesque, fantastical, irreverent Buffoons play at humanity and mock our follies, casting knowing glances at our obsession with power. El Dorado focuses on the Spanish conquistadors’ quest for the legendary “Kingdom of Gold” in the Americas. UMO’s buffoons direct their darkly comic, unbridled energies into a re-visitation of this quest, searching ruthlessly for the city of El Dorado and its mysterious secrets and treasures. 

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“…a feast for the eyes and the mind, a magical history tour…a show that crackles with originality.”
Victoria Times-Colonist
“…so fantastical that you can’t turn away.”
Seattle P.I
“El Dorado is fools gold"
San Francisco Examiner
“El Dorado is the consummate theatre experience.”
Regional News, Victoria
“UMO’s eloquent use of costumes, body and voice in an empty space is simply masterful…it is the kind of show you could watch for hours and never get bored.”
The Stage, London