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Dear Friends,

How have you lived this year?

How have you connected with your neighbors and friends; your families; your dreams or nightmares (or both)?

What stories—what griefs, joys, desires—have surfaced in you?

Ever since our founding, UMO has excavated the stories of our time and brought them into the light.

As an ensemble. We make theatre, together.

With you. We create. Us, with you.

Over the course of the pandemic, UMO has experienced a burst of energy and creativity. We had compelling reasons to turn towards each other, time and resources—and in these strange times, distance technology made all kinds of relationships possible. We even got the chance to (re)consider new media.


What could we do but create?

What must we do now? Continue.

Continue to give form to the thoughts and images under the surface of our culture.

Please, join the UMO family. Help us tell the stories of our time, and shape the bodies and imaginations of the future.

Donate. Help create.

Keep creating, collaboratively. Develop our new work “Squeeze” using the scientific method of observing and questioning, with UMO’s tools of devising physical theatre.

Donate. Spread joy.

Continue teaching. Create new classes, support more students, partner with Vashon schools to make new programs, help more young people grow in body, mind, and spirit.

Donate. Inspire the world.

Leave a legacy of awe, challenge, and inspiration inside everyone UMO reaches.

We must do all of this—with you.

Make art that touches the world. Donate via PayPal by clicking here. Of course, your donation is tax-deductible.

With movement and appreciation,


(Special thanks to our fabulous photographers: Michelle Bates, Michal Hayes, and Rebecca Cullimore.)