UMO's Resistance Cabaret...

 at FURY Factory Festival!!

Performances at Joe Goode Annex

Thursday, July 12 at 7pm

Friday, July 13 at 9pm

Saturday, July 14 at 7pm

resistence cabaret banner

What does Resistance look like?

How do we resist?

What is irresistible?

When the artists of UMO sat down to contemplate what we wanted to say about our current moment in history and culture as Americans, we realized it was a much larger question than just who won an election or who was president.  It was about the American Dream.  What the America Dream meant to us.  What was at stake.  And if what was at stake really mattered to us.  Was the right thing at stake?  And how could we begin to talk to one another about what was important to each of us? 

And most importantly, could that conversation be funny?

And we realized that we needed 2 groups to explore these questions….

The Buffoons… classic Lecoq inspired French buffoons, born out of the refuse of our society; what we throw away…physically and psychically as a culture.  This is the skin and soul of these creatures.  They mock us and show us our grimy underbelly!

The Ladies in White… these players are inspired by the suffragettes, Miss America pageant contestants, and Japanese Butoh characters.  These figures bear witness, keep the physical memory of our past in their movement, actions and words, and in spite of everything, are hopeful.  

Lastly, the final component to this conversation had to be a stunning group of guest artists and the audience to stir the pot.  


Elizabeth Klob, director, Lady in White, UMO Ensemble executive artist

Maria Glanz,  Lady in White, dramaturg/text, UMO Ensemble member

Lynelle Sjoberg, Lady in White, egg solo, Seattle Guest Artist

Lucy Jean Pharr, Lady in White, UMO Ensemble Intern

Janet McAlpin, buffoon, buffoon creation lead, UMO Ensemble founder

David Godsey, buffoon, UMO Ensemble founder

Lyam White, buffoon, UMO Ensemble member

Kristi Krein (Jesse Belle Jones), buffoon, Seattle Guest Artist

Xochitl Sosa-Campbell, trapeze solo, San Francisco Guest Artist

Magnoliah Black, Cabaret Burlesque performer, San Francisco Guest Artist

Bandelion, band, San Francisco guest artists is Eric Kupers' ensemble within Dandelion Dancetheater.  A subset of Bandelion is collaborating on Resistance Cabaret: Corissa "Reese" Johnson (lead vocals, loopstation, and percussion); Deborah Trudell and DanniaCiolo (movement and music back-up); and guest artists Mike McKaigg (bass) and Emily McKaigg (movement and music back-up.) Bandelion's music composed by Eric Kupers in collaboration with musicians. More info at: