A man earnestly spreads bread crumbs to repel tigers… four clowns juggle meditation pillows, fighting to get the most comfortable seat… and, finally, Dog learns to sit, floating high in the air.

UMO Ensemble goes Zen – the Northwest’s most acclaimed physical theatre company brings their irreverent approach to ancient tales of wonder to ACT Theatre, April 14-24. Red nose monk clowns weave Buddhist, Zen and Sufi stories with mask, puppets, music - and breathtaking physical skill. The UMO Ensemble clowns tackle life head-on… dangling from a rope, juggling or balancing…singing and clowning. Red Tiger Tales is a delight for the whole family.

UMO’s Red Tiger Tales has performed at ACT Theatre, KCC Urban Center, Kirkland Performance Center and Open Space for Arts & Community.

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"UMO stumbles, as if by accident, on the part of us that’s closest to heaven.”

Village Voice.

“A remarkably adept company,…compelling, intriguing and a delight indeed.”

San Francisco Examiner.

“A fabulous circus of the body, mind & spirit!”

P-Form Magazine, Chicago.

Red Tiger Tales and UMO Ensemble are supported by Horizons Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and 4Culture.

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UMO Ensemble has a repertoire of physical performances that are available for tour and bookings.

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To book a performance or inquire about corporate events just email Elizabeth Klob.