UMO's Maldoror dives deep into the mind and soul of a villain - Maldoror.

Inspired by 19th century Surrealist writer le Comte de Lautréamont (pen name for Isidore Ducasse), UMO brings Maldoror to life with its highly physical, acrobatic, virtuoso theatre. Poetry, athleticism, and head-rattling dissonance combine to look behind the mask, to unearth the highly relatable passions behind a resolutely violent and nihilistic personality.

“Dark, giddy and hallucinatory.”

UMO delves into Lautréamont's animal imagery to create characters never before seen on stage: zoomorphs. These zoomorphs throw themselves into collage-like scenes created in collaboration with Seattle musician Andre Sanabria, a multi-instrumentalist with roots in noise, industrial, ambient drone and experimental electronics. Surrealism, noise, costumes that produce sound through movement – all blended together in a concoction both thrilling and terrifying, an exploration of a true villain – in an interchangeable series of scenes performed on the streets and in theatres across Seattle.

Maldoror premiered at the NW Film Forum “Live” series in September 2012, followed by a run at West of Lenin in Fremont.

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What the critics say:

“They are an ensemble in the truest sense, moving and expressing their emotions as one living organism...”

Seattle Star.

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UMO Ensemble has a repertoire of physical performances that are available for tour and bookings.

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