UMO Ensemble and ACT Lab present
Falling Awake: A Fugue State

Betwixt and between… where would you go to never come back?

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... after an inaugural run at Seattle's ACT Theatre, Falling Awake will travel to a performance east of the mountains in Walla Walla, WA.

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FallingAwakeACT 71

UMO Ensemble's mesmerizing new work travels through the funny, delightful and heartbreaking moments that make memories... and how lives and identities form and fall away, like dust in sunlight. Join us, dive with us into our dream of love, memory, identity... and ballroom dancing.

In Falling Awake: A Fugue State, UMO travels deep into the human condition. Glimpses of lives repeat and expand as performers and audience follow narrative threads spun in multiple variations. UMO Ensemble's funny and compelling new work of physical theater takes the audience on a journey through unexpected selves both old and new: there is memory loss, confusion with identity, hope, and love, all dancing together like dust in sunlight.

Falling Awake: A Fugue State was conceived by guest director Christopher Petit and Maria Glanz, in collaboration with UMO Ensemble.

The script is by Ms. Glanz, with contributions from the cast, and Mr. Petit directs. Composer and Sound Designer Robertson Witmer creates a compelling sound-scape, and Sarah E. Howard acts as dance consultant. The cast includes UMO Ensemble members Elizabeth Klob, Janet McAlpin and David Godsey, joined by emerging artists Tré Cotton (member, Actors Equity), Emily Huntingford, Kristi Krein and Reid Watson.

UMO Ensemble is one of the most innovative, compelling and critically acclaimed performance companies based in the Pacific Northwest, thanks to work like FAIL BETTER: Beckett Moves UMO, Resistance Cabaret, Red Tiger Tales, El Dorado, Maldoror and more. UMO's mission is to stir the human spirit and incite the imagination by providing awe, challenge and inspiration through the original and compelling art that is UMO. We are a theater of connection - to our audience, to the ensemble, to our bodies, to the imagination. Our work is image-rich and physical. We work with a broad palette, combining character, movement, music, sculpture and story. We seek the ancient alchemy of live performance, through which thoughts and images under the surface of culture are given voice and form.
In the past 25 years, UMO has made over twenty mind-blowing, gorgeous, original pieces of physical theatre. For just a tiny taste of our past work, visit;

Praise for UMO Ensemble:

"UMO Ensemble's remarkable tribute to (Beckett's) genius, Fail Better is a mesmerizing production… a visual delight and an intellectual teaser." -The Seattle Times

"UMO found the genius in both Beckett and themselves."- Drama in the Hood

"It is truthful, thoughtful and it holds real power to touch the intellect and the emotions simultaneously." -Seattle Star

UMO Press Contact: Elizabeth Klob